Theme song!

Scene 1

Nixie: See. So much faster than you.
Sirena: You are so not. Aquata
Aquata: Sirena, what are you doing here? You should be on duty.
Sirena: We were just going, weren't we, Nixie?
Nixie: Full moon patrol? Why can't we celebrate like everyone else?
Aquata: You'll get your chance when you've earned it. When you've got your moon rings. Someone needs to protect the island during the ceremony. Go on.

Scene 2

Lyla: You're late.
Nixie: So?
Lyla: I'm on the far shore, you two get the rest. We'll meet back here.
Nixie: Who put her in charge?

Scene 3

Cam: What about here?
Zac: What are you doing?
Cam: What does it look like I'm doing mate?
Zac: You won't catch anything.
Cam: You're just worried I'll catch something before you do.
Zac: Game on.

Sirena: Land people. Can you imagine living without a tail?
Nixie: Let's give them a hand catching something.
Sirena: We can't do that. We're meant to scare the fish away so none of them come close to the island.
Nixie: Sirena, we're stuck on land patrol. Letting them catch one wish isn't going to hurt. Let's have some fun.

Zac: Oh, yeah.
Cam: Aw, no fish hey? Oh, yeah. There you go. Get the net. Get the net. Yeah eah eah.

Lyla: What are you doing?
Sirena: Nothing.
Nixie: Look, they've caught their fish, not they'll go home.
Lyla: Doesn't look like they're going home to me.

Scene 4

Zac: Perfect.
Cam: I caught the fish you do the tent.

Scene 5

Lyla: The boat is still here. They're staying on the island.
Nixie: Can you relax? So we broke one stupid rule.
Lyla: Keep telling yourself that.
Nixie: No, I'm telling you ok. Land people come to Mako all the time.
Sirena: Not when is the full moon and the pod is celebrating.
Nixie: Oh, so what? Come on, please. It's not like anyone is going to see anything. And next year I'll be out on the reef with the pod.
Lyla: If you pass.
Nixie: That's not an issue.

Scene 6

Cam: Oh, man how good was that?
Zac: It's a bit rubbery...but not bad.
Cam: So, where are the chicks? And where's the music? You've should ask Evie.
Zac: She hates camping.
Cam: It's not exactly my idea of a good time either.
Zac: Well, school starts next week. We won't have another chance to get away.
Cam: Two days in a deserted island. Great.(sights) I'm gonna crash.
Zac: If you snore, I'll hit you.
Cam: Where are you going?
Zac: Nature calls.

Scene 7

Nixie: Man, I just can't wait for my training to be over.
Sirena: Me too.
Lyla: Shh, It's starting.
Scene 8

Cam: Zac?

Scene 9

Sirena: I feel really bad leaving him there unconscious.
Nixie: How did he even get in? There's no other entrance. It's solid rock up there.
Lyla: Well, he did.
Sirena: We're in so much trouble.

Scene 10

Cam: Zac, you looked awful.
Zac: Thanks.
Cam: Where did you sleep? Do you even remember?
Zac: I remember walking off to take a leak. I saw a light.
Cam: Last night was a full moon.
Zac: Not the moon light. Like a weird glow. There were rocks. And when I moved closer...there was this cave. Next thing I knew, I was walking up on the beach... You don't believe me?
Cam: No.
Zac: I'll show you. Come on.

Zac: There was an opening here, a cave.
Cam: Then this can't be the place.
Zac: It is.
Cam: Maybe you dreamed it.
Zac: I know what I saw.... I think.
Cam: Yeah, sure.

Scene 11

Sirena: We have to tell the pod.
Lyla: Are you crazy?
Sirena: We've got no choice.
Lyla: Fine, tell the pod. Then see how long it takes to get your moon rings.
Nixie: There's got a be a better way to handle this.
Aquata: Handle what?... What happened here last night?

Scene 12

Cam: You're kidding... I packed all that stuff. I thought we were here for two nights. We just got here.
Zac: Forget it. I don't like this place.
Cam: Well, it was your idea.

Scene 13

Maya: You let a boy into the Moon Pool?
Nixie: We didn't let him. He fell.
Aquata: That's impossible. There's no other way in. What did you do?
Sirena: Nothing.
Maya: Stop lying.
Sirena: We're not lying. We didn't do anything. Please don't tell the pod.
Maya: We have no choice.
Aquata: If what you say it is true... and something has happened to the boy... I fear for us all.
Nixie: What if she's wrong? What if nothing did happen to the boy?We have to find out.

Scene 14

Sirena: This is wrong. No mermaid is allowed this close to shore.
Lyla: What if they see us?
Nixie: No, don't worry. I've been here before, and no one 's seen me. I happen to like watching land people, okay? Now can we have some shush?
Zac: Whoa.
Sirena: Ah! He's got powers.

Scene 15

David: Thanks mate.

Cam: Who knows? Probably.
Evie: Hi, Zac.
Zac: Evie, hey.
Zac: (TO CAM) I really need to show you something.
Evie: Are you okay? Cam said you felt weird and bailed on the camping trip.
Zac: Yeah, I'm fine now.
Evie: Are you up for a run, after I finish my shift?
Zac: Sure. Um, I just--I really need to talk to Cam.

Scene 16

Zac: Something happened to me last night.
Cam: Yeah, you had a dream.
Zac: I can make water move.
Zac: I'll show Turn it on. Just do it.

Lyla: What's he doing?
Nixie: He's showing that other boy what he can do.
Sirena: Stop him!

Zac: I could make it move. I could make it bend.
Cam: You dragged me away from lunch for this?
Zac falls into the water turning to a merman. He freaks out and swims away. Later he emerges at the dock in front of his house and pulls himself up the dock. As he dries his tail with a towel, his legs returns. Unsure what transpires, he looks around as he walks away.

Scene 17

Sirena: Aquata?
Aquata: I'm so sorry.
Nixie: We can explain.
Aquata: It's too late. You neglected your duties.You let a boy onto the island and you let him into the moon pool. You broke so many laws.
Sirena: We didn't mean to. We didn't want the boy to get powers.
Aquata: The boy and the island are connected. The pod must leave.
Nixie: This is our home.
Aquata: It's not safe here anymore.
Lyla: Where will we go?
Aquata: Not you. The pod is going. None of you may follow. You've all been cast out.
Nixie: Aquata, talk to them. Tell them it was a mistake.
Aquata: I can't. They blame you. I tried to speak on your behalf but they wouldn't listen. I have to go. The pod is waiting.
Sirena: No, please Aquata. Don't leave me.
Aquata: I'm sorry Sirena. Here, Take this.
Sirena: Your moon ring? I don't know how to use it.
Aquata: Just take it. You may need it. Find somewhere safe. Goodbye, my sister.
Sirena: Don't. Aquata, don't leave me!

Scene 18

Cam: Zac? You here?
Zac: I'm over here.
Cam: Zac? ....What the--? You've got a tail?
Zac: I told you something happened. Check this. Heads up!!
Cam: How did you do that?
Zac laughs.

Scene 19

Sirena: Where will we go?
Nixie: We're not going anywhere. We're gonna put this right.
Sirena: How?
Lyla: We'll find a way. We have to.

Theme song.