The Cafés

JuiceNet Café

JuiceNet Café is located just off the Marina. It was a very busy cafe, where everyone went to hang out. Wilfred owned the JuiceNet Café and was in charge there. Emma, Ash, and Amber also worked at the JuiceNet. JuiceNet Café made smoothies of every taste, size, and color. It also served food e.g. burgers, french fries, and various other food. It also served as a public internet place.

Rikki's Café

Zane's father bought the café and Zane took over the business, and then made Rikki a partner in the business. The café features outdoor seating (the same as the JuiceNet Café), serves juices and features live music from Bella and Nate's Band. Will's older sister, Sophie used to work at Rikki's Café and she served customers their drinks and food until she screwed up a charity concert and got fired. After breaking up with Zane, Rikki no longer works at the café and Sophie took over her work as Zane's partner in the business.

The Ocean Café

The Ocean Café is a business near the beach in Gold Coast, Australia and is a popular hangout, frequented by the mermaids, Zac, and others. David's family own the Ocean Cafe, and he takes part in the family business. Evie also works at Ocean Cafe selling sporty beachwear. She even books scuba diving and other underwater activities there that her father organizes. Sirena sings there, which is also how Sirena and David met.

The Marine Park

The Marine Park is where there are many different aquatic mammals that people around the world can visit and enjoy. It's known for it's dolphin shows starring Ronnie. Cleo and Mimmi have worked as different roles. They offer plenty of merchandise including cute stuffed animal toys and swimwear. You can also find delicious ice cream sold at choke points around the area.

Cleo and Emma's House

These are pictures of Cleo's and Emma's house, we can see they both have their rooms upstairs which allows them to invite friends without disturbing their parents.

Rita's Grotto

It appears to be a cavern with several lavish furnishings, and the bookcase in Rita's house is used as a secret entrance into the Grotto. Also there is a tunnel that leads to the ocean down the hallway from the Grotto, and it resembles the Moon Pool in many ways. Rita has collected many mermaid artifacts and treasures, including shells, lamps, coins, and other things. This is also the place where Rita teaches the girls their magic lessons.

Zac's Garage

It is a small seperate area, apart from his house which is where he appears to live. It has a bed, a TV, a laptop, and couches. His parents sometimes check in on him, but he is mostly left alone.

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