What is Mako Island?

Mako Island was formed after a comet crashed into the Earth. The comet broke into many shards and spread all over the world. One of the shards impacted in Ireland forming the Sea Caves of Ireland. The others have landed in different locations creating moon pools wherever they landed. These moon pools also have the power to create mermaids. More about Mako!  Click here to visit Mako Island!

The Moon Pool

Mako Island has a magical sea cave at its base leading to the Moon Pool, where Cleo, Emma, and Rikki, and the former mermaids, Gracie, Louise, Julia, Charlotte, and Evie, got their mermaid powers. There is also a secondary cave leading to a waterfall outside. The waterfall is part of a stream running through a mangrove forest. There are many caves underneath Mako Island, enough to conceal the entire Mako Pod. Mako Island has been around long before humans walked the earth and it will still be around long after humans have gone.

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